ExcitedIt’s no secret that we think having ongoing, consistent video is a powerful marketing tool. But that’s not a choice every business owner will make, whether that’s because of budget limitations, comfort level, or some other reason.

Some people are only interested in creating one video for their company, and that’s okay. When that’s the case, we recommend the one video every company needs.

The video that everyone needs is a hype video!


A good hype video is about 50 seconds long. It’s a high-energy company overview that gets your audience excited about your business.

This video should show your passion for what you do! A hype video communicates that your job isn’t just something you do 9-5; its something you love.

Good content for a hype video is high-energy, has a lot of movement visually, and usually includes the most exciting parts of your job.


This video is a great way to share with your audience things that people don’t usually see. That could be a look behind the scenes, or it could be a showcase of a product, service, or your staff.

For example, we could create a hype video showing the behind-the-scenes production side of our video process, generating interest and demonstrating expertise. What would that look like in your world?

It’s an opportunity to put your best foot forward, and it can even be used to show the interesting side of a part of your business that may not seem very glamorous on the surface.


Your audience for a hype video is typically not new hires; it’s your potential prospects and clients. Think of the video as a way for prospects to meet you before they meet you. Your hype video should give them reasons to be excited to do business with you.

With this video, you’re saying, “Here’s what we do. You’re going to love what we do.” But you’re communicating that to them by showing them exactly the value they can expect from your business.

You’re inviting people to be a part of what you do (not just trying to sell them something!). Think of your hype video as an exciting, energetic introduction to your business. If you’re only going to make one video for your business, a hype video is the best investment of your time, energy, and resources because it gives potential clients a positive expectation for working with you.