ChecklistThere are a lot of moving parts when you’re creating a video! From asking questions and planning before a video shoot to putting the final touches on an edited video, it’s important to keep track of all those moving parts. If you’re looking to create a video, this list can help you figure out what you need to make a great one.


Whenever we approach a video project, we have certain questions we consistently ask. We discuss with our client the concept of the video as well as some of the logistics.

Here are some of the questions we frequently ask clients and consider ourselves before starting a project.

  • How long should this video to be?
  • What’s your intended message?
  • Who’s your audience?
  • Who will be in your video?
  • How do I get in touch with the people in the video?
  • Do they need to be involved in the planning process?
  • Where are we shooting?
  • When will everyone be available for the shoot?
  • What’s the scope of the project?
  • How much time and equipment will we need for this video?

It’s important to have the answers to those questions, as well as any concerns those questions bring up, before creating a video. It saves time and streamlines the process.


Of course, you need a camera, but here are some of the other pieces of equipment we’ve found helpful for producing an excellent video.

  • Script
  • Talent
  • Video editing software
  • Location for filming
  • Lighting & backdrop
  • Microphones
  • Time for planning, shooting, and editing

People usually know many of the answers to the video concept questions before they try to create a video. They may even have access to most or all of the equipment needed to do so.

What deters most people is the time it takes to plan, shoot, and edit a video. The script needs to be written and edited, the audio and visual components need to be matched skillfully, and the video needs to be edited before it can be shared online.

Hopefully, this list will be helpful as you collect the things you need to create a video. If time is a sticking point for you, though, we’d be happy to have a conversation about how to make your concept a reality with less of a time investment from you.