Crazy videographerAny time you partner with another business, it’s important to make sure they’re a good fit for your goals. This is especially true when you’re thinking about working with someone to handle your video marketing.

Videos for your company can be used for marketing, advertising, and informational purposes over and over again. They’re also one of the most appealing ways to let people get to know your business and what you do.

The company that creates your video should be a great fit for you in several different ways. Here are a few things to think about. When you’re deciding who to trust to create your video marketing, these are the things you should bring up in your conversation with each provider.


You probably want to hire a video marketer who has good experience in their field. And you should. This is a good time to ask for (and check!) references, and look at how long each company you’re considering has been in business.

Another part of experience worth considering has to do with their other clients. Your video marketer should have experience with other clients who are in your industry, because that means they’ll already be familiar with the terms, questions, and concerns that are common in your field.

Culture fit

The culture of your video marketing company doesn’t have to be identical to your own company’s culture, but you need to see if they have produced videos in the past that match your company culture.

If you’re looking for friendly, approachable videos, and one company only produces formal, stiff videos, it’s unlikely they’ll change their method enough to match your culture. In the long run, that can be confusing for your prospective clients.

Video quality

This is an obvious consideration, but it’s worth pointing out. Are you comfortable with the quality of videos each company produces? This goes along with culture fit, as well. Make sure the video, audio, and any animations meet your standards before choosing a company to produce your videos.

Financial considerations

Your budget is important to you, and it should be important to whoever produces your video. If it’s not, they’re not a good fit. That’s simple, but what isn’t always simple is knowing what work goes into any estimated investment.

For example, not all companies will edit your videos (they may just shoot them). You’ll want to know ahead of time whether that great deal you’ve just been offered is such a low number because it will create extra work for you in the future.

These four considerations are worth a conversation with any company you consider for video marketing. If you don’t feel confident with a certain company in any one of these things, you may want to take them out of the running for your video marketing.

Video’s just too important to your business to choose someone you’re not completely comfortable with.