Great ideasIf you’ve decided to invest your time and resources in video marketing for your business, that’s great! Should be smooth sailing from here!

Except when it isn’t.

One of the most common problems I find people come across when they’re marketing their company with video is that they just run out of ideas at some point.

Their video-creating process gets stuck, because they’re not sure how to add on to what they’ve already created.

Never fear! Here are 12 ways you can get yourself unstuck and back on track to creating great video content for your business.

1. Ask yourself, What are the top 10 questions you get asked all the time? Sounds like you may have a video series on your hands.

2. Look at your blog and see which posts performed the best. A blog topic that draws a lot of clicks will probably translate into a video that gets watched more.

3. Look at your social media posts and see which post performed the best. Same idea as number two, but with a different segment of your audience!

4. Are you using sales funnel pages? If so, could a short, simple video help with conversions? Funnel pages are designed to transform leads to prospects to customers. Did you know that, according to ComScore, after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online?

5. Ask your clients what three videos you should have. Your current clients can give you great insights into what they would like to see, or would like to have seen, on your web site.

6. Do you have any promotions you are running? You do? Then you have a topic for your video!

7. What pages on your website could be better with video? Do you have some pages that just need a little something extra? Add a video about what’s featured on that page!

8. Could client testimonials help your company? Do you have some happy clients who can’t stop raving about you? Let’s see if we can make a video of them!

9. Should you show people using your product or service? User experience videos let people see your product or service in action.

10. Do you have a company overview video? No? Then it’s probably time to make one.

11. Do you have one video that should be broken up into a series? Shorter videos tend to get watched more and for longer durations. If you have a longer video, you can decide with an editor how to break it up into a series of shorter videos.

12. Would a video about your processes help clients? Make a step-by-step video to help potential clients visualize a particular process within your company.

If you use these idea generators, your video can come to life and go to work for you on the web, driving traffic and revenue your way.