Once you’ve invested in making a video, does it matter where you host it?

Let me ask you a different question: Once you have invested in a Picasso, does it matter where you hang it? Would you want to put it in a small shop that nobody knew how to get to? A shop that had no signs or branding—no indication that it belonged to you?

A shop where nobody was on staff to monitor traffic and let you know how many people came to see the masterpiece? Where there was no information directing patrons to the gift shop where you sold Picasso-related merchandise?

Hosting makes a difference

Where you host your video definitely matters to the success of your marketing efforts. With the right hosting platform, your videos will (1) work smart when it comes to consumer experience and lead capture; (2) inform your decisions with powerful analytics; and (3) smoothly integrate with other marketing tools.

Work smart

Consumer experience is everything. Here are some key questions:

  • Is your video easy to embed, load, and play?
  • Can you collect leads and engage with viewers?
  • Will your video easily scale to fit seamlessly on any device?
  • Is it easy to build in CTAs (calls to action) that smoothly link to more content?
  • Can you brand the experience?
  • Can your viewers easily share the video on their social platforms?

Powerful analytics

What are the numbers telling you? Your hosting platform should be able to handle the following:

  • Can you identify and track the people watching each video?
  • Can you measure the conversion rate?
  • Can you track playbacks?
  • Do you have access to a heat map that shows you what which sections of the video were skipped, watched, or re-watched?
  • Can you plug your data into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool?

Smooth integration

Putting one tool to work for you is good. Putting a whole workshop of tools to work for you—and having those tools work harmoniously—is amazing.

  • Can you successfully mesh your hosting platform with other tools and software?
  • Are you able to synchronize with complementary software that will lead to even greater insights?
  • Can you use a variety of lead-capture platforms in conjunction with your hosting service to keep your sales funnel flowing?

Ready to answer your questions

This can be a lot to digest. We want to answer any questions that you may have. Contact DesignTunnel and we’ll be happy to help you figure out how all of this affects your video strategy.