Video has become one of the most popular ways to put your brand on display for potential customers. But if your video doesn’t foster a relationship between prospects and your brand, it misses the mark.

Here are few things that your potential customers expect from a video. Make sure that your videos meet these expectations so you can convert more viewers into customers.


The difference between a professionally-produced video and everything else is obvious, even to a prospect who knows nothing about production. There’s an edge to the picture, sound quality, and composition produced using top-of-the-line software and tools.

High-quality videos give legitimacy to your brand, and legitimacy is something that customers are looking for when they’re deciding to spend money.


When a prospect decides to watch your video, they’re making a sacrifice. They’re spending time watching your video with the understanding that it’s going to help them understand your business or your products.

Give them a video that doesn’t meet their expectations, and they won’t appreciate the wasted time. Create a video that provides value to your customers by being informative, easy to follow, and relevant to what they were looking for when they clicked to play it.


Video is a good opportunity for your prospects to form a relationship with your brand. Along with high-quality production and usefulness, your prospects expect your videos to be a genuine representation of your brand.

If you give them a salesy presentation with a generic feel, your video will blend into the crowd of other videos like it. Your prospects won’t make a connection. Allow your brand to shine through with content that is authentic and can have a personal impact.

Pay attention to these three elements that prospects are already looking for, and you’ll have a better shot of turning those prospects into clients.