You’ve probably seen a bunch of videos pop up on your Facebook feed and on other social media sites. You may have experienced the autoplay feature for videos on Facebook—you might even have some strong opinions about that one.

But have you thought about how your company could reach people through videos on social media?

I’ve seen videos on Facebook outperform a sponsored post. Videos can improve your company’s search engine visibility and help with Google indexing. What works? You can share quality videos on a variety of platforms, but for right now I’ll focus on Facebook.

By default, videos are going to autoplay when they show up on someone’s Facebook feed. Think of your video as a billboard on a highway. You have about two seconds for someone to notice your video and decide to stop scrolling to pay attention to it.

Luckily, it’s much easier (and safer!) for your potential customers on Facebook to stop and pay attention to your video than to a billboard.

On autoplay, your video won’t have audio until the viewer clicks on it to expand it. So your first couple of seconds have to be compelling, even without audio. They have to make the viewer decide that they have to hear what’s being said.

How can you do that? Good-quality camera work helps, and so does video editing. Having an emotional element always draws people in, whether it’s a funny or sappy video.

If the story and editing are good enough, people may watch the entire video without sound. You want to keep this kind of videos short—about 30 seconds.

Do you have videos that will capture someone’s attention in the first two seconds? Think about what parts of your company, services, or company culture would translate well into a visual media, and talk to a professional about shooting something that will convey that on social media.