Building trust with your prospects is critical. If there’s no trust, there probably won’t be any sale, either. As you funnel prospects to your website, how do you create that trust with them? Is it even possible to do over the web?

It is, in fact, possible. And one of the best ways to make a connection and generate trust with a prospect is through video.

Why it works

First, let’s look at why video works in building trust. It boils down to five triggers: brain chemicals, facial attraction, voice data, motion, and contagion.

  • Brain chemicals: According to neuroeconomist Paul Zak, our brains interpret e-connections just like in-person connections, releasing oxytocin in the brain.
  • Facial attraction: Evolution and genetics have programmed our brains to focus intently on the human face. Your face in a video will build a bridge between you and your prospect.
  • Voice data: Voices and inflections tell a story of their own. If you speak with sincerity and warmth, your voice will convey that to the audience.
  • Motion: Remember the T-Rex from Jurassic Park? Like T-Rex, human brains and eyes focus intently on motion and changes to the environment. The motion of a video holds your audience’s attention.
  • Contagion—Emotions are contagious. If you smile and are enthusiastic and sincere in your video, that can infect the audience with the same emotional energy, and forge a relationship of trust.

What you can do

Different types of videos can create trust with your prospects in different ways. Make a goal to have each of these types of videos featured on your site.

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and your team. Tell your story. Why do you have the passion you do? Be personal and tell personal stories.
  • FAQ: Many prospects will end up on your web site because they’re seeking solutions to a specific problem. Create quick FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) videos that anticipate and address those problems. Give them the solutions they seek.
  • Testimonials: What better way to build trust than by having current customers talk about their journey and why they chose you? A great way to frame this is asking customers to talk about before and after—what things were like before they found you, and how things have improved for them after their relationship with you.

Don’t forget

One last tip: Listen. This is one of the key ways to build trust with anyone. Hear your audience’s concerns and do something about them. How do you do that with video?

  • Comments: What types of comments do your videos collect? Does the audience connect with you through your website or social media or customer service? Do they have positive or negative comments about your videos? Adjust your content as needed.
  • Surveys: Send out brief surveys (with small rewards and incentives for taking the survey) to get feedback about specific videos.
  • Analytics: Numbers tell the story of what your audience is thinking. Are they clicking on one particular video and ignoring others? What’s the difference? Remove the non-performing videos, and create more that are like the ones your audience likes.

If you want to explore some ideas on how to create videos that enhance your prospect’s trust, let’s have a conversation.