Video and viewer retention.

Although temporary video content like Instagram has a narrower reach, it has a much greater urgency resulting in better engagement rates and with the massive amount of Internet traffic these days, engagement is much more important than reach.

Mobile readiness is crucial.

The importance of items being mobile ready can be crucial to your videos and marketing being effective. 69% of digital media engagement happens on mobile platforms because it is increasing to want everything on the go and on demand.

Are you targeting millennials with your video marketing?

If you are not targeting the millennial then you could drastically be losing customers. In 2016, the millennials surpassed baby boomers to be America’s largest living generation. So, if part of your target demographic is ages 18-34 then you better include video in your digital marketing strategy. Just in 2017, millennials spent $200 billion dollars which is why it is crucial to understand their communication and buying habits. 80% of millennials research video when researching a purchasing decision. They are 150% more likely than Baby Boomers to use video when shopping in comparison to in store.

YouTube updates…

YouTube will be a big opportunity for companies to have a bigger reach. Due to the new mobile sharing option that will allow viewers to share videos with friends and family as well as chat about them, reply with another video and even invite others to the conversation.

We care about your marketing.

At DesignTunnel, we know the importance of companies having videos that work. We pride ourselves on our ability to create great stories with video whether it be for training, website content, broadcast commercials or digital marketing. Video is already huge, it’s going to get bigger. Be at the forefront of your industry starting now.

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