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With things going the way they are right now, we are still collaborating with clients whether it is for marketing purposes or for internal uses.

We are conducting meetings by FaceTime and conference calls. We can currently film with a team of one or two off-site, or in studio to help clients with their arising video needs. We will go the extra mile to ensure everyone’s safety.

We have filmed in many operating rooms over the years and know what it takes to keep an environment sanitized.

Safety Precautions

  • If a person has been in contact with a person carrying the coronavirus they will not be allowed on the filming site.
  • The filming site itself must have never been occupied by a person carrying the coronavirus.
  • A distance of 3′ will almost always be maintained by everyone unless necessary.
  • Handshake greetings will not be allowed.
  • All people must wash and sanitize before visiting the filming area.
  • All people not on camera wear masks.
  • Filming equipment must be wiped down before and after every filming.
  • Everyone must maintain awareness of our surroundings and what they touch.
  • If a person experiences excessive coughing they will be asked to leave the filming area.
  • Everyone must keep each other informed if feeling ill or starting to run a temperature.

Helping You Do What You Do Best

I hope this helps answer any questions or concerns you have about how we’re conducting business at this time. We look forward to helping you do what you do best.

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