6 Reasons

People Share Your Content




can be very contagious.


How contagious

can you make your marketing content?


Just from reading this sentence about yawning, you yourself have probably yawned, and if anyone one was watching you yawn, chances are they are yawning too. Yawns are not the only things that are contagious though.

Think about all the viral content you see online. From Buzzfeed posts to celebrity selfies, viral content is everywhere, and it’s contagious.

But what is it that makes certain videos so contagious? Why do people feel the urge to share some videos over others?

Download the PDF document “6 Reasons Why People Share Content” in order to learn about why people share content and what you can do in order to improve your content, and make it contagious.

Download our white paper to learn why people share content and what you can do to make your marketing more shareable and contagious.

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